Bundle of PFG2Z, P3 & iCS

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P3 v3

Pulsed Technologies proudly presents the new plasma systems capable of running frequencies over 500,000 HzPURE PLASMA, unlike other manufacturers there are  NO RF (Radio Frequency), NO modulationNO carrier waves that may cause harmful interference. Years and years of research & development have gotten us to develop these new systems and make them available to you at affordable prices. The new high efficiency plasma generation system runs cool so the unit runs quiet for long periods of times without being bothered by the noisy fans.

The proprietary tube mixture, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon offers the best spectrum emission as possible that you can benefit from a plasma tube. These four noble gases complete each other and mixed in a manner that maximum output is achieved.

Warranty: 5 Years parts and labour; free 90 days shipping

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The PFG2Z is the best sold function (frequency) generation device. Some people know this devices as rife device, rife generator, frequency generator

As it’s name says, the PFG2Z is a Precise Function Generator capable of going up to 10 MHz and with arbitrary waveform selection.

The output is rock steady, even on high frequencies (above 1 MHz), where most of other devices fail on generating a strong and stable signal

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The iCS (imprintable Colloidal Silver) accessory allows you to make your own colloidal silver ionic solution, with the smallest silver particles and concentration up to 50ppm. Also, you can imprint different frequencies in the ionic solution.

It requires the PFG2Z to operate.

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