Bundle of PFG2Z, PPLED & iCS

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The PFG2Z is the best sold function (frequency) generation device. Some people know this devices as rife device, rife generator, frequency generator

As it’s name says, the PFG2Z is a Precise Function Generator capable of going up to 10 MHz and with arbitrary waveform selection.

The output is rock steady, even on high frequencies (above 1 MHz), where most of other devices fail on generating a strong and stable signal

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Precision Pulsed LED (Laser Energetics Detox)

Pulsed Technologies’ PPLED, Precision Pulsed LED, represents an economical entry into Precision pulsed radiant devices for experimentation across a wide variety of modalities.

The new PPLED device, like its predecessors, is controlled by any of Pulsed Technologies PFG1b, PFG2A, PFG2X or optimally the new PFG2Z family of Precision Function Generators and PFG Lab software suite.

The use of new proprietary high output emitter array, although technically classified electrically as a LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are quite unlike narrow spectrum conventional light emitting diodes and instead has output across the therapeutic spectrum from near infrared thru low ultraviolet.

Unlike conventional LED technology, the Pulsed Technologies’ PPLED array can operate cleanly to well over 250,000 Hz.

 Additionally, a conveniently positioned tray is provided for those experimenting in chemical/molecular manipulation tests, as well as frequency imprinting and homeopathic delivery, such as the Cowden Laser Energetic Detoxification methods.

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The iCS (imprintable Colloidal Silver) accessory allows you to make your own colloidal silver ionic solution, with the smallest silver particles and concentration up to 50ppm. Also, you can imprint different frequencies in the ionic solution.

It requires the PFG2Z to operate.

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