Welcome to Pulsed Technologies

Pulsed Technologies gathers the knowledge, experience, and specialties of Mr. Jimmie Holman, Mr. Paul Dorneanu, and select others previously part of RIFEforLIFE team to bring you the finest in resonant frequency and precision pulsed plasma technology.

Much of our design and research has now extended from traditional use of our equipment to new areas of research in science, industry and proprietary areas of interests including, but not limited to:

  • Food Processing/Food Storage
  • Environmental Decontamination
  • Health and Wellness
  • Electronic Drug Delivery Enhancement
  • Signal/Sensing Masking (Stealth)
  • Phase Conjugation
  • Energy Production and Enhancement
  • Nuclear Waste Remediation
  • Chemical and Molecular Engineering
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Water Purification / Decontamination
  • Home & Building Restoration
  • Archeology / Bio-Safety
  • Art & Historical Preservation
  • Aerodynamics / Propulsion
  • Agriculture

Royal Raymond Rife’s original focus was medically oriented. Pulsed Technologies has expanded this technology into a vast realm of exciting new possibilities!