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Congratulations for your buying one of our products.

All of our products (PFG2Z, P3+, P3pro) require you to install software and driveres.

  1. Go to Download page and download (a) PFGLab software and (b) drivers. Right click on each link and select Save Link As (Chrome, Firefox) or Save target as (Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge) to save the files on your computer (lets
    1. Right click on saved drivers (b) and Right Click on it and select Run As Administrator. You will be prompted to allow the app to make changes to your computer. Select Yes.
    2. Run the setup_pfglab_1_1…exe. Go through setup process and at the end press Finish.
  2. At this step you will be prompted to add the serial number and activation code. Remember that for each new installation you need a new activation code. The activation code is generated by us based on the serial number and installation code (that is unique from computer to computer). Please contact us and make sure to provide the serial number and installation code you see on the screen. You can use the “Request Activation Code” from the window or use the contact form on our website or you can call us.
  3. Go to the support page for more information (paper works, documentation and technical documents).
  4. Make sure you visit the The Electric Human – Section III “Strategies & Considerations” where you can find documents about: Strategies and Considerations Briefs, Questions & Answers and Protocols.