Pulsed Technologies Romania (www.pulsedtech.ro):

Here you can find important information about “Rife Technology”, where you can find Rife-related materials gathered and compiled over the better part of the last two decades, such as:

    • Rife Microscope #3 (new pictures with the restored Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s #3 Universal Microscope
    • Rife Manual – Electron Therapy (by John Crane & Royal Raymond Rife)
    • A compilation of Rife, Crane & Johnson Letters
    • The Rife Way III, by Mark Simpson (1991)
    • Rife Way, Electrus Newsletter, by Mark Simpson (1990)
    • Rife & Crane Video


rife-microscope-technologyBeginner’s Introduction to Rife Technology (www.introductiontorife.com):

The place to start to learn about the Rife Technology, the history of Doctor Royal Raymond Rife, how the technology works, different device types and many other important information.


Higher Frequencies Calculator (ex Harmonic Calculator) – www.pulsedtech.ro/hfcalc/

This online application is the perfect tool that comes in help in determening and calculating the Higher Frequencies, the harmonics of lower frequencies used by many users out there, like the CAFL list. As Pulsed Technologies has determined that those Higher Frequencies above 20,000 Hz. Most users use frequencies lower than 10,000 Hz. The recommended freque