FTDI has updated the drivers for USB serial com port chip found in all PFG2 devices (PFG2A, PFG2X, PFG2Z, including P3+ and P3pro that have the integrated function generators).

The latest version 2.12.14 is Windows 10 certified. We asl all users, no matter what Windows version are running, to update to the latest driver as the version included in the last PFG Lab software installation is quite old now.

Some of the fixes in the driver since the last one included in the PFG Lab software resolve several communication issues that have to do with COM Port Selective Suspend problem in Windows (Windows is suspeding the COM port in order to save power, thus making communication between software and the device impossible, resulting in program to freeze).

In order to update to the latest driver, follow these steps:

  1. Download the driver: right click on this link and select Save Target As… or Save Link As… and save it in your computer (Desktop for example).
  2. Go to your Desktop, locate the dowloaded file and RIGHT click on it and then select `Run as Administrator`…
  3. Proceed to the installation steps and you are done.

It is important to launch the installation of driver with Administrator rights, otherwise you would get a message saying that you do not have enough privileges to run the installation.

Bioenergetics & Pulsed Technologies SRL will release soon a new version of the software that will included updated drivers and modules. Stay tuned.