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The PFG2Z is the best sold function (frequency) generation device. Some people know this devices as rife device, rife generator, frequency generator

As it’s name says, the PFG2Z is a Precise Function Generator capable of going up to 10 MHz and with arbitrary waveform selection.

The output is rock steady, even on high frequencies (above 1 MHz), where most of other devices fail on generating a strong and stable signal

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PFG2Z – 10 MHz Precision Function Generator

Main Features:

  • Spectrum: Up to 10 MHz (10,000,000 Hz)
  • Limited Mac OS Support*
  • 100% New Hardware Design
  • 100% New Control Software
  • Connects to computer via USB (available on all modern type of desktop or notebook computers)
  • Light & Small: PFG2Z is the size of your palm and about 6oz (170g) in weight
  • 100% Compatible P3, PPLED, iCS and Experimenter Kit (PMR)
  • High impedance output for contact applications via electrodes
  • Arbitrary waveform generation and creation
  • RoHS Compliant

Starting October 1st, 2011, all the products benefit from 3 years (36 months) limited warranty, which includes parts and labour. Free shipping on the first 90 days.

Product Description:

The PFG2Z is a radical evolution over our prior signal generation systems and designs with enhanced capabilities and functionality gained lar